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3/12 – Callout in the Deeside area – Further Update

Update – 22/1/12:

On Friday 20/1/12, the team was contacted by North Wales Police who asked us to come out to search a number of areas close to where Michael’s vehicle was found.

On Saturday 21st, we were joined by colleagues from Sarda Wales and searched the identified areas.  As we were running the NWMRA Casualty Care course at our base this weekend, our colleagues at Cheshire SAR were also placed on standby but stood down on Saturday morning as we had enough team members.

The team’s involvement has now finished but we remain available to search again if required by North Wales Police.


Update – 11/1/2012:

This morning officers from North Wales Police have been stopping cars in the vicinity of the Flintshire Bridge, in a bid to jog the memories of commuters.  They have used Mr Murphy’s car as well.  The Daily Post has the following article

It also has the following video

NEWSAR remains available to carry out search activities based on this latest appeal or any other information received by the Police.


Update – 9/1/2012:

In support of a Police request, approximately 20 team members were tasked to search an area a number of miles away from the Flintshire Bridge. This search was carried out on Sunday afternoon and evening (8/1/2012).  NEWSAR continues to support the search for Mr. Murphy, acting together with many other agencies.


Update – 6/1/2012: 


Update – 5/1/2012:

The team was contacted at 10.54 on 5/1/12 for a vulnerable male missing in the Deeside area.  After speaking to North Wales Police, a Search Manager from NEWSAR joined one from SARDA Wales to review the information available and make further enquiries.

At 15.04, the team was stood down as there was nothing we could do to assist at this point.



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