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Callout – Moel Famau 11/7/14

The team was called this afternoon to a report of two people who had become disorientated whilst walking in the Clwydian hills.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem on a sunny summer day, but unfortunately they had a large dog with them who was suffering badly in the heat.

They called just to get assistance with finding the best and shortest way out of their predicament.

Fortunately they were carrying a smart phone, so we were able to make use of the SARLOC system (see here for details) to pinpoint them.

One team member was close by and started to walk to their location and two others went in one Land Rover to pick them up.

They were recovered back to the road and to their own vehicle.

Thanks to the missing persons for letting us share this picture of their dog – glad we didn’t have to carry him!


Here is some coverage of the callout:



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