Cliff rescue training – 13/4/16

On Wednesday 14th April, we were out practising our cliff rescue techniques near Wrexham at Moss Valley.  Moss valley is an ideal location for this type of practice.  It’s very quick to access, there are some short steep slopes, but nothing too big.

The focus was on building and operating our “main system” for handling rescue loads of up to 250Kg with a stretcher, casualty and stretcher attendant.  We have multiple levels of redundancy built in to ensure we could deal with failure of any part system.  But this makes it complicated and so we try to ensure everyone gets a chance to carry out the various roles.

We simplified the actual lower and raise, by just putting a team member on the end, rather than the stretcher, so we could concentrate on the other parts.

The pictures show some of the detail of how the system is put together and then operated.

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