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NEWSAR entertains the crowds at Loggfest

The Team was present at Loggfest yesterday (Sunday 8th June).  This was the third day of the festival held in Loggerheads just outside Mold.

We had the Team landrovers there and set up various bits of equipment and a rope system for people to come and find out more about us.  We also ran through a mock callout in the Tea Gardens with Fundraising Officer Dani talking the audience through what the team does in this case.

The scenario involved former Team member and Supporters Group member Paul who was out walking with his granddaughter Emily and Niko the dog, when he fell and knocked himself unconscious.   Emily called 999 and the police called us out.  After a quick blues and twos demo, a search party reached our casualty and assessed his injuries.  After clearing Paul’s airway, splinting his broken leg and helping him managing his pain, we called for a helicopter to evacuate our casualty.  As we have come to expect in training, our ‘exercise’ helicopter wasn’t available and Paul was packaged up for a stretcher carry some miles across rough terrain.  Thankfully, before we reached the Landrovers, an enterprising onlooker drew us an ‘exercise’ helicopter saying that one had become available to help with the evacuation.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to see us yesterday to find out more and to those who donated money.

Once again, thanks very much to Babs who was on hand to take photos of the day:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157645137229273″]


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