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Search Exercise around Cilcain – 22nd June 2014

Yesterday’s training session involved a mountain biker missing in the Cilcain area.

The missing person ‘Mark’ had set out for a night ride in the Clwydians but when his partner came home from work the following morning, she found he hadn’t returned home.  We were called out and our search managers looked at his regular routes from his home which helped them to devise a search plan.  Two hasty teams and a vehicle search team were then sent out to look for him.

One of the hasty teams found ‘Mark’ who had fallen off his bike after hitting a rock.  He had been unconscious at some point through the night and had suspected leg and pelvic fractures.  The hasty party treated his injuries, packaged him up and carried him to the Landrover with the help of those in the vehicle search team.  The casualty was then evacuated to meet the ‘exercise’ ambulance at which point the exercise ended.

Thanks to Mike for setting up the exercise and for arranging the lovely weather and thanks to Colin for the photo!

Landrover - CM

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