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04/12 – Team Callout in the Colwyn Bay Area

The Team was called out at 18:02 to help evacuate a casualty who had fallen in a ravine in the Colwyn Bay area.  We were stood down at 21:14 when the casualty was taken off to hospital by ambulance.

More details to follow …

Update 12/1/12:

NEWSAR team members attended the incident and were shown to the scene by North Wales Police officers.  The casualty was already being attended to by a Welsh Ambulance Service Paramedic.

The teams role was to stabilise the casualty using our vacuum matress (which immobilises casualties), then lift them onto our Mountain Rescue specific Bell Stretcher  and finally extract from a tricky location at the bottom of a steep ravine.  The steepness of the ground required the stretcher to be protected with two rope systems, consisting of a working line and a second backup line.  A hauling system was employed to lift the stretcher from the bottom of the ravine, before a group of team members completed a “carry off” to the waiting Ambulance.

Around 25 volunteer team members attended the callout.

A great example of team work between the statutory and volunteer emergency services.

Photo showing the NEWSAR control vehicle and one of our Landrovers with a Welsh Ambulance Service vehicle.  Click on image for a full size version.  Thanks to team member Paul for this photo.

Another photo showing the teams rope rescue system in use.  On the left is the “backup” line.  On the right is the “main” line, with a 3:1 haul attached.  The team is in the process of raising the stretcher with the casualty on board.  Sorry it is rather grainy.

Picture: Richard Prideaux

Update 13/1/12: Daily Post article.



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