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46/11 – Team callout on the Clwydians – Letter of thanks from the casualty

At 13.48hrs on 26th November, the Team was called out to an injured walker on Foel Fenlli with a suspected lower leg injury.  18 team members responded and the casualty was evacuated to a waiting ambulance.  The team was stood down at 16.55hrs.

Today’s Daily Post (6th December 2011) published a letter of thanks from the casualty we helped on Moel Fenlli:

They’re true heroes of the mountains I would appreciate it if you would publish this letter to thank a group of truly amazing strangers for the kindness, care and support they showed me. Last weekend while out walking with my husband I slipped and fell on the far side of Foel Fenlli, resulting in two fractures to my ankle. While waiting for the rescuers – North East Wales Search & Rescue – my husband went back to the top of hill to wait for their arrival so he could lead them to me. While there he spoke with a man named Andrew, who lives in Wrexham and works in the building industry, who was also out walking, with his dog, possibly called Roxxy.  When he heard of my dilemma he so very kindly said he would stay with me. It was a cold and windy day but I was well wrapped up in additional layers, but Andrew must have become cold while waiting with me – I know his dog was.  He forfeited the remainder of his walk and stayed with me until I was taken down, and I would like to thank him very much indeed for his kindheartedness. I was fortunate to have the services of the North East Wales Search & Rescue Team, who assessed me on the hillside and summoned further members to stretcher me down the uneven and slippery terrain to a waiting ambulance – which was no mean feat given the conditions. In my ‘hour of need’, the care, support and kindness I received (not to mention the humour) from the time the first rescuers arrived until I was transferred to a waiting ambulance cannot be expressed in words. It’s tremendous that we were able to call on the assistance of such a dedicated and bonded team of volunteers who selflessly helped me in my distress.  Their professionalism and confidence was awesome. MG

We’re very pleased we could help MG and thanks for taking the time to write this letter!



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