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Broken back means Dani misses third charity parachute jump

Joining NEWSAR, North East Wales Search and Rescue team, in 2012 gave Dani the perfect opportunity to fund raise for a charity close to her heart and to tick another life experience off her to do list, a charity parachute jump. Unfortunately, a run of bad luck and injuries that seem to increase in severity makes you wonder if Dani should ever step foot out of a plane.

Third time unlucky

Dani’s first charity parachute jump attempt, in 1997, was cancelled eight weeks before the training had been scheduled. She broke her leg and dislocated her ankle whilst on an adventure week. Her injuries were so severe that Dani was told she’d be unable to jump for another two years!

In 2011, her second attempt had been scheduled for the same time of year, May, and exactly eight weeks before, she dislocated her knee and did significant cartilage damage in a netball match.  After being out of action for several months and later having surgery to gain back full mobility, Dani had now missed two opportunities to parachute.

Dani’s latest efforts have been thwarted by yet another injury. This time was much more serious, a broken back.

“Becoming slightly superstitious about my past history of failed jumps, I opted to not go for a May jump but bring it forward to April… I had even joked about my failed attempts and that I was going to be extra careful leading up to the eight week countdown to jump. So low and behold exactly eight weeks before my ‘D’ day and after a few close shaves in the Cairngorms on winter ex, I thought I was home free!!  Going about my normal day’s work, exercising a local show jumper’s horse, when the inevitable happens I fall off. More embarrassing for me to get helicoptered to hospital by the same air ambulance we did our mountain rescue training with last year

Team work

Body Brace

Dani trying to keep up with dog training whist wearing the body brace

Dani has worked really hard on building the charity parachute jump team and has built on relationships she forged at a foundation mountain rescue training course last year. Members from Dani’s team, NEWSAR, will be joined by Bolton MRT and SARDA team members in an effort to raise £9000 for charity.

The charity parachute jump is great example of individual volunteer Mountain Rescue teams working together to raise funds that will help their teams continue to rescue members of the public, when in need. A work ethic that governing body MREW would like to see more of during “on the hill” emergencies.

Unfortunately for Dani it was not meant to be. A horse riding accident in February resulted in a broken back and means that Dani won’t be able to complete the jump in April again.

Although Dani hopes asking for company sponsorships will help achieve the bulk of the £9000 target, there is still plenty of opportunity for individuals to donate ahead of the solo jump at the Tilstock Sky Dive centre, in Shropshire, on Saturday 13th April.

Please show your support by donating on the charity giving web page that has been set up:

Charity Parachute Jump Team

Back row: Chris Greenhalgh (Bolton) Elaine Gilliland (Bolton) Amanda Norton (NEWSAR) Declan Mayo (NEWSAR) Ann Parry (NEWSAR) Martin Tuggey (NEWSAR) Front row: Steve Nelson (SARDA) Dani Burgess (NEWSAR) Not pictured: Neil Becousse (NEWSAR)


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