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CALLOUT 81/22: Fallen and stuck walker at Pistyll Rhaeadr

The second call on Sunday was to Pistyll Rhaeadr following a report from the Café owner that a man had fallen/slid part of the way down a cliff and was stuck above a further significant drop. The ideal method of rescue would be a helicopter winch, but unfortunately the casualty was under tree cover and very delicately balanced. Initially a team member abseiled in to secure the casualty and check on his condition. Whilst this was going on a full technical rope rescue system was set up so a further team member could retrieve the casualty. Once the casualty was secured to the second rescuer they were both lowered down the remaining cliff face. The casualty was fit enough to then walk off to the valley bottom and drive himself away. He was a very lucky chap, as his fall was stopped by a very thin sapling, just at the edge of a 8-10 metre cliff.

Team members then took another hour to carefully de-rig the rope system and carry a mountain of gear back to the waiting vehicles.

We would also like to thank Brecon Mountain Rescue Team for setting off to bring more equipment and Tech Rope Rescue members as this looked initially like we may have needed more resources than we had available. They were stood down when the casualty was on safe ground. Thanks also to Phil Facey from the Cafe for superb initial information and for giving us teas and coffees when we got down.


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