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CALLOUT: Persons stuck in flooded area

Shortly after 10pm on Tuesday North Wales Police requested our assistance to locate two persons who had found themselves unable to find a way out of a flooded area in countryside near Padeswood, Buckley.

We used some phone tech to identify their exact location. Team members then went to get them.

When we arrived North Wales Police , North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and a National Police Air Service helicopter were already on scene.

Team members supported the Fire Service with additional water rescue trained people in case a protracted search or carry out was needed.

The casualties were located by a combination of the Police helicopter search light and water rescue Firefighters on the ground.

NEWSAR Team Members provided the two very wet casualties with a Blizzard Protection Systems jacket and blanket, with warming pads. They were then walked back to the road and handed over to the care of Police Officers.



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