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Daily Post Wish Campaign 2013 – keep your tokens for NEWSAR please!

NEWSAR is taking part in this year’s “Daily Post Wish Campaign”.

The newspaper is giving away a total of £25,000 to 150 community groups and charities across North Wales.  Between Tuesday 8th October and Saturday 7th December, the Daily Post will print tokens daily and there are also opportunities to obtain bonus tokens.

Any money we raise through the Wish Campaign will go towards the purchase of two new defibrillators.  These will enable us to respond more effectively during callouts.  We will  also have the defibrillators to hand when we’re out fundraising at various events should they be needed.

If you are a Daily Post reader and would like to help NEWSAR, please collect the tokens on our behalf.  Please also encourage friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc. to collect them for us too. 

All tokens should be sent to:

NEWSAR, PO Box 37, Mold, CH7 1EZ

If you know a team member you can also just hand them over personally.

We hope you can help us to get our new life saving equipment.  Thanks


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