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Donations made to NEWSAR – March 2012

Below is a list of donations made to NEWSAR in March.  Thanks very much to everyone who has contributed:

£700.00 from the family and friends of Sam Edwards (callout 6/12) who made donations to the Team in his memory

£195.00 from the Burton & Puddington Walking Group

£100.00 from the St Asaph Rotary Club after one of our members gave a talk about the work we do

£324.84 from the collection box kept at the Blue Bell, Halkyn – that could well be a team record!

£200.00 from the Charities Trust

If you would like to donate to NEWSAR to help us continue our work you can post a cheque to NEWSAR, PO Box 37, Mold, CH7 1EZ.

If you are a tax payer please consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form and enclose it with your donation.


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