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Incident Control Vehicle Replacement

Urgent Appeal

Why we need your help

NEWSAR is raising funds to buy a new Incident Control Vehicle.

We urgently need to replace our current aging (and unreliable) vehicle.

Our aim is to raise £65,000 from public donations by June 2022 to pay for the purchase of the vehicle and to refit the interior with specialist equipment and power sources.

It is vital that we purchase this new vehicle, without it NEWSAR volunteers are unable to respond 24/7 to requests from the police to help search for vulnerable missing adults and children.

Our Incident Control Vehicle is a vital asset to the team. In addition to serving as a mobile Incident Control post, it

  1. serves as an educational hub when NEWSAR team members visit school children and talk about safety outdoors and what to do in an emergency

  2. helps transport team members to call outs and events and to deploy groups to search rural and semi urban areas to look for missing people

  3. carries additional emergency equipment for specialist rescues, such as flood rescue.

  4. provides a safe and warm shelter where we can treat casualties and a place from which to liaise with the emergency services and the families of those who have gone missing.

Contact about potential larger donations including company or organisation sponsorship options.

Mock up of our proposed new vehicle

Potential interior layout of the vehicle


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