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NEWSAR member hits heights for Breast Cancer Now

After 12 months of intense training, NEWSAR member Jason Hill has just climbed Kilimanjaro in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

43 year old Jason, who joined NEWSAR earlier this year, wanted to do something special to pay tribute to his mum who died from breast cancer when she was just 43 and he was 16.  He decided to attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest freestanding mountain, raising funds for charity on the way.

He said “It has been the most physically demanding challenge I have had to face in my lifetime.

“After 18,000ft, you feel every step along with every strained breath to push towards the summit.  I was certainly feeling the effects of altitude sickness but the drive to get to the summit at Uhura Peak for my mum Louisa was all the motivation I needed.  Oh and of course avoiding the ribbing off NEWSAR if I didn’t summit.

“The year has been very positive for me.  My Kilimanjaro challenge has led me to volunteer with NEWSAR which is a great and exciting addition to my life.  It’s nice to think that this journey continues with such a great team and I can use my experience and new skills learnt to help our community.”

Jason has raised nearly £5,000 for Breast Cancer Now and would welcome any extra donations. If you would like to help him, his JustGiving page can be found at

Jason at Kilimanjaro Base Camp

Photo: Jason at Kilimanjaro Base Camp


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