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Sheep rescue from a cliff near Llangollen

We had a report yesterday of a sheep that had been trapped on a ledge for “maybe a week”. Whilst our primary role is to save humans, we will occasionally carry out animal rescues as they provide some useful training for our more usual work. Also we’re nice folk who like to help our four legged friends when we can! Our approach to rescuing sheep is to abseil down so we have two people level with the sheep on both sides, trying to approach slowly so the animal is not scared and jumps. Once close enough it’s a matter of moving quickly and GRAB ON TIGHT!

In this case we also then put a harness on it, before it went into a big blue builders type bag for the lower to the ground. After a quick check over by one of our paramedics we let it go and it went off to munch some grass nearby. Before tackling this we consulted with the RSPCA who said they were happy with our approach. We appreciated their support and offer to come out if the sheep was injured.

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