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Team helps woman with Locked In Syndrome to visit Moel Famau

On Monday afternoon, NEWSAR volunteers helped Mia Austin (Mountains for Mia) tick another thing off her wish list by helping her reach the summit of Moel Famau.

After suffering a devastating stroke at the age of 21, Mia has Locked In Syndrome which means she has no voluntary movement, cannot speak and communicates through eye movement or a spell chart.

Before her stroke, Mia and her friend Richard spent a lot of time on Moel Famau and Richard knew it would mean the world to her to be able to go up to the summit again. He got in touch with NEWSAR and we were delighted to be able to help.

We took Mia and her friends and family to the top in our Mountain Rescue vehicles and they were able to spend some time up there taking in the views.

As Chris, our Team Leader said, “it was a pleasure for the NEWSAR team to be involved with helping out such a lovely lady with such a wonderful family.” Thanks for asking us to help Mia and Richard.


Flintshire Leader article

Daily Mirror

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