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Thank you!

The casualty from incident 29/12 came to our base last night to say thanks to the team for the assistance we gave them when injured on Meliden Mountain.

The casualty and their family were shown around Base and met Harold, our Team Chairman, who told them a little bit about what the Team does.  They also met and chatted to those team members involved in the incident.

We were given a tin of chocolates “Heroes” and a thank you card.  The casualty thanked everyone and said that they were so glad that there are people like us around to help, adding that when they slipped, they knew straight away that they had broken a bone and were frightened not knowing who or how they were going to be rescued from the hill.   Apparantly the 999 operator told them that NEWSAR was on its way, and the casualty and the people with her were very relieved.

It’s nice to hear from someone we have helped and even better to know that the fact we are on the way gives some reassurance to an injured person on the hill.

Thanks very much for the chocolates!!



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