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TRAINING on the Horseshoe Pass

What a lovely evening for training up by the Horseshoe Pass last night. We looked at area searches and hasty searches. Then a small scenario with a “Fell Runner” with a medical problem that needed urgent evacuation. Finally some training in new methods for single rope working to protect a stretcher on a low angle slope.

Our Ruth Lee Ltd dummies got a night out.

One of them also got an unexpected visitor!

On this occasion a gentleman on his holidays from Germany found one of the casualty dummies which had a card with a set of signs and symptoms on it.

Dirk read the card and sent in a perfect diagnosis and a good rescue plan! Well done!!! If you move to NE Wales we’d offer you a role in the team!

The message he sent to us is below.

“I think he has a heart problem.

Bit my english seemed to be worser than I thought.

So I would give him some kind of heart massage if he would not react, hear, and slowly breath.

Hope that helps you and him.

Better to send a rescue team out.

Best regards


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