Two call outs on New Years Day 2012

2012 got off to a busy start for NEWSAR with two call outs in quick succession on New Years Day.

Call out 1/12 was a request for advice on how to deal with a partially burnt parachute flare found by a member of the public in a residential area near Wrexham.  This may have been set off during the New Year celebrations the night before.

The person who found it quite rightly left it where it was and informed the police.  Partially burned flares can be very dangerous and should not be handled.

The NEWSAR on call Search Manager advised the Police that the Coastguard has facilities to deal with spent, or partially spent flares.

Call out 2/12 was for a missing young person in the Wrexham area.  The full team was called out and some 17 team members gathered at Wrexham Police station and were being briefed in preparation for deployment to search relevant areas.  In the meantime North Wales Police received information which allowed them to locate the missing person safe and well, before the ground search by team members commenced.  A good end to this incident.

The Daily Post carried this story the next day

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