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WAST and NEWSAR working together

We’ve been sent this amusing selfie story from Phoebe who was a student paramedic with the crew that attended alongside us to the incident at Ewloe Castle. She says “Trying to look busy whilst mountain rescue do all the hard work 🙂 #team999 Joking aside yesterday was a great example of team work, with the NEWSAR members initially managing the casualty and the extraction, but then the Ambulance Crew taking over to provide further care and get the casualty safely to hospital. Each providing different skills and equipment needed to complete the job. We work alongside the other #team999 services on every job we do, like the Police, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard, Air Ambulance, RNLI and all the other volunteer emergency services. We’re all there to help people in their hour of need.

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