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CALLOUT 23/23: Injured mountain biker near Rhuallt

Shortly before 10pm on Sunday night we were contacted by North Wales Police to assist with the search for an overdue mountain biker, thought to be in woodland north of Rhuallt, near St. Asaph.

As the first team members arrived, news was received that family members of the casualty had located him deep in the woodland on steep ground. He had been running live tracking software on his phone, which ultimately avoided what would have been a protracted search. He had sustained significant injuries as a result of crashing his bike.

Two team members were quickly dispatched to gain a better understanding of the situation and provide initial casualty care.

Further team members were then able to be driven by landrover to near the accident site. They were then joined by a land ambulance crew.

Due to the nature of his injuries and the inaccessible location, both the Welsh Air Ambulance and the HM Coastguard Helicopter were dispatched.

The Air Ambulance team were transported from their Helicopter to the casualty site by team landrover and carried out a detailed patient assessment. It was decided to carry the casualty on a stretcher back up the very awkward and steep bike track to our landrover as a winch out of the trees to the helicopter, would have been particularly hazardous. The casualty was then driven to the waiting Coastguard helicopter for transport to hospital and the casualty's family members were returned to their vehicle.

Team members arrived back at base shortly before 3AM after this significant and complex multi agency response.

We wish the casualty well for their recovery.


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