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CALLOUTS 12&13/23: Stormy weather on Moel Famau

Two almost simultaneous callouts this afternoon from North Wales Police, as some rather stormy weather rolled into the Clwydian hills. Two separate family parties found themselves in some pretty nasty weather high on Moel Famau and asked for assistance.

We deployed two Landrovers with team members to assist.

The first group were assisted by another local walker (thank you!) and we met them low down on the hill.

The second group could not be recontacted and as we searched for them they notified the Police that they had managed to get down successfully in the end, so we stood down.

The weather was wild when we first reached Bwlch Pen Baras with under 100 metre visibility, but fortunately the stormy squall passed through.

Tomorrow is looking much warmer.... but look out for rain later

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