40/12 – Request for assistance in Machynlleth – Updated

We have also been providing cover for the North Wales teams involved in the search along with Llanberis MRT and Oldham MRT.


Again we were asked to send search managers to help with the search, three went down.

Mountain rescue involvement in the search has now been scaled down.  Here is a statement from Mountain Rescue England & Wales (MREW) on the search for April Jones – https://www.facebook.com/AberdyfiSART#!/notes/mountain-rescue-england-and-wales/statement-from-mountain-rescue-on-the-search-for-april-jones/409986715735046.

According to MREW:

‘Over the last week the unpaid professionals of Mountain Rescue England and Wales have contributed an estimated 9,250 man hours to the search for April. To put that into context, this would take one person well over 5 working years.’


We were asked to send search managers to help with the search, two went down.


We were asked to send three team members to support Cave Rescue with communications and two experienced search managers als went to Machynlleth.


This morning, we were asked to send swiftwater rescue technicians (water trained people) down to Machynlleth to assist in the search for 5 year old April Jones.