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CALLOUT: Walkers lost on Moel Famau in blizzard

This afternoon two local people went for a walk from home. They became disorientated in an area north west of Moel Famau when the weather worsened with falling snow and very limited visibility. They did the right thing and called North Wales Police so they could get assistance before the situation became very serious. By using some phone tech we were able to identify their location and then provide guidance on how to find a way off the hill. We had a local team member out for his own walk and he detoured to intercept them, along with sending two vehicles with team members as well. Once found, they were escorted down to the safety of the vehicles and then returned home. Moel Famau is of course a relatively simple hill to walk on in summer conditions, but the current weather makes identifying the correct route very difficult and the deep snow can be very tiring.

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