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Certificate of thanks for SUP Lass Adventures

Our team Land Rover looks like a toy parked up next to this McConks 12’8 paddle board!

Earlier today our Fundraising Officer presented Caroline Dawson from SUP LASS PADDLE

ADVENTURES with a Certificate Of Thanks. They have raised over £700 for the team consisting of £2.50 from every board hire, £5.00 from every rescue strap sold and additional donations from clients. For more info on their superb Stand Up Paddleboard adventures including lessons and guided paddle board tours see their Facebook page or website.

In case you were wondering what the connection is between Mountain Rescue and water, NEWSAR has a team of Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians (SRT) who are on standby to help evacuate residents from their homes when affected by flood water. We also rescue water sports enthusiasts who may have got into difficulty and may be injured in water incidents across North East Wales.


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