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Old Mobile 3 - off to a new home!

On Saturday NEWSAR had the pleasure of donating our Ford Transit high top van to SIRENS (Supporting International Response and Emergency Services). The Transit has been our control vehicle (Mobile 3) for the last ten years. We have stripped the contents in preparation for the build of our new control vehicle.

SIRENS are a local charity that provide ambulances and emergency vehicles to war zones and other areas in need. They will renovate the vehicle over the next few months and it will then be driven to Ukraine, where it will become an ambulance or mobile surgery vehicle. They have previously renovated other vehicles and taken them to war torn countries in Africa.

We coundn't pass this vehicle to SIRENS without the generous donations to NEWSAR from the public of North East Wales which have enabled us to replace the old Transit with a four wheel drive MAN van. This is currently being commissioned with up to date radios, computers and welfare services. The new, state of the art, control vehicle will provide multi agency communications at events such as flooding, missing person searches and other rescues.

Thank you to all who donated to NEWSAR for the new vehicle and good luck to SIRENS for their life saving work overseas.

Pictured Deputy Team Leader Huw Birrell and Team Leader Chris Griffiths, with Darren Armour of SIRENS.



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