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Team provides safety and medical cover for Claire House Excalibur event

On Saturday 10th May 2014, the Team provided safety and medical cover for competitors taking part in the Claire House Excalibur marathon and half marathon around the Clwydian hills.

294 competitors registered for one of the two courses and 21 Team members provided support from one of three checkpoints.

Despite the rainy and blustery conditions, we were only called to deal with two casualties, one with a suspected broken ankle and the other with a large blister.

Below are some photos from the event (thanks to Babs Boardwell):

Excalibur 1

Excalibur 2

Excalibur 3

Excalibur 5

Excalibur 6

Excalibur 7

Excalibur 8

Excalibur 10

Excalibur 11

Excalibur 12

Excalibur 13


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