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Votes Needed!

NEWSAR is again competing in the current round of the AVIVA Community Fund.  Last year we came so close and only missed out on an award by a smidgen!  We’re hoping to do better this year and win an award to buy a full body medical training manikin. This will give our volunteer members the opportunity to practise a diverse range of first aid procedures and rescue techniques in a controlled training environment.

How you can help us help the community

Click on this link, register, then cast all your 10 votes for NEWSAR.


Send a copy of this email or just the link to your family, your friends, your neighbours, in fact every person in your email contacts group and ask them to cast all 10 votes for NEWSAR too.  Also ask them to forward the note to their family and friends as well so they can also vote for NEWSAR.

Let’s make it happen!

Please cast your votes now! 


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